Below you will find some testimonials from professionals, parents and children who have worked with or have been treated with the ABA technique.

Nilufar really takes the time to observe and get to know the child. Her work is well planned and with concrete goals, always staying in dialogue with the parents. Nilufar has a huge amount of knowledge and experience and is a true professional. With her help we were able to make enormous steps forward with the development of my son, which I never really expected. Nilufar always makes sure that the child is fully at ease and can easily assess what she can or cannot expect from the child. Always taking the parents with her in the process has resulted in me learning so much more about my child.
Mother of an 11-year-old
We are so grateful for Nilufar! When she came into our lives, my son could not speak or indicate anything. He seemed completely unteachable, but little by little Nilufar made significant changes. With a lot of patience and accuracy in her work she began to teach him skills. And with result. His crying decreased, he started pointing out things and is even naming things. Nilufar knows exactly what she is doing, it took a while for me to trust. But Nilufar just goes for it and shows us exactly what is needed, so that we as parents can also use the ABA method. This has been an enormous help to me as a mother, and I am eternally grateful to Nilufar.
Mother of a 5-year-old

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