ABA program: Home

We offer an individual outpatient program at home. Based on the request for help from the parents or guardians, a program is developed that focuses on your child’s needs, skills and strengths. The purpose of this form of guidance is to increase your child’s self-reliance by learning step by step skills that they do not yet master or show insufficiently. When children have learned the skills in a safe environment (at home), they also  receive training to learn how to apply those skills in other situations. We also provide toilet training on request.

ABA program: School

The presence of children with autism in the classroom usually means an extra challenge for the teacher. Children with autism often become more distracted, so the teacher has to repeat the instruction one-on-one. Once they get to work they digress. It seems as if they have no intrinsic motivation. These children also miss many natural learning moments in the classroom because they are not able to pay enough attention to what is happening around them.

At school, ABA counseling means that we analyze the child’s behavior in the classroom or in the schoolyard, after which we teach desired behavior and extinguish unwanted behavior. This form of guidance can be used for various purposes such as:

Child needs extra guidance to function in the group
Child gets stuck at school
Your child’s behavior is disruptive to the class
The parents want to prevent transfer to another school or class
The parents are dissatisfied with the achieved results
The parents want to work  towards a different form of education

Our goal is to help your child function as well as possible in the classroom. Often adjustments in the immediate vicinity are possible. The environment and the method of teaching is designed in such a way that it best suits the needs of your child. The teachers and / or assistants also receive coaching in dealing with your child.

ABA Program: Parents

If you encounter difficult situations in the upbringing of your child, ABA parent guidance is a solution for you. This consists of advising, coaching and guiding the parents in dealing with their child. Your requests for help are converted into concrete learning objectives and incorporated into a plan of action. Our goal is to give you tools to helping you with the  education of your child. We also give you insight into the development and needs of your child so that you can use their strengths to stimulate the underdeveloped sides.

> Training other caregivers

Just like the parents, other care providers can also be coached in dealing with the child with developmental disabilities. We provide customized training. This means that we develop an approach based on the request for help from the other professionals or caregivers who work with the child.

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