We work with ABA trained psychologists who provide treatment and guidance for children with developmental, behavioral and also work with parents who experience parenting problems. We do this for children between the ages of 2.5 and 18 years old. Treatment is provided on an outpatient basis (at home, school or elsewhere). The content of the treatment is determined in collaboration with parents, school and / or possibly other involved parties.

The registration procedure looks like this:


When a child is registered with us, an intake interview follows. This conversation can take place at your home or at another agency. During this conversation we would like to get as much information as possible about the child’s development so far and to clarify the parents’ need for help. Further acquaintance with the child is also essential for drawing up our program. A report is made of this conversation and a copy is given to the parents.

Indication request

Parents contact the youth team or the district team of the municipality for an indication request. MEE Foundation can support the parents with the application. If necessary, ABA Imperium can also help with drawing up a plan or goals for the PGB application. We start with treatment and guidance when the financing with the care office or municipality is completed.


After diagnosing autism, some parents may have questions about ASD such as: Is autism hereditary? Is autism curable? etc. We provide additional information about the background of the diagnosis and current information. In addition to the limitations caused by autism, we also look at the possibilities it offers.

Observations and assessments

Treatment begins with extensive observations and behavioral analyzes. The strengths, challenges and needs of the child are mapped out through Verbal Behavior-Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP). Based on this analysis, a treatment program is developed for approximately six months. After six months, the VB-MAPP is filled in again to map the progress of the child.

Treatment and guidance

Once the plan is complete, treatment begins at ABA Imperium. Each session, the child works on learning goals. Progress is tracked and eventually charted. Depending on the child’s development, new learning objectives can be added in consultation with the parents or other parties involved when the old learning objectives have been achieved.

Parent guidance

The coaching of the parents and other parties involved is also part of our program. The parents and other caregivers who work with the child for a longer period of time will receive coaching from us in dealing with the child. This type of counseling is given in consultation with parents and those involved.

Termination and cancellation

The treatment or counseling is terminated when the issued decision expires, the term expires or the client cancels the care agreement. The program can also be terminated when the intended goals are achieved and the child can develop without additional support. The notice period at ABA Imperium is one month. We also ensure a good transfer in case of referral.


Guidance can be given in Dutch, English, Persian and partly in Russian.


ABA treatment can be reimbursed from the personal budget (PGB). The intensity of the aid is determined on the basis of the nature of the problem and the demand for help.

This can be requested from the care office in your region. You fill in an application form and then send it in with a budget plan. If you have any more specific questions about this section, please email them to us.

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